Ways to fix Roku connectivity issues

Ways to fix Roku connectivity issues

Roku needs a strong internet connection in order to access the available content. A weak internet connection will slow down streaming and cause interruption. Roku not connected to the internet won’t be able to bring to you any of the content. Therefore, the internet plays a crucial role, and its signal must also be strong.

Check the following ways that can help you solve Roku connectivity issues.

Do it by checking the internet connection

  1. Go to the home screen on your Roku. Press the left arrow, and then scroll down to Settings.

  2. In the Settings menu, choose Network and then choose Network page.

  3. About page will appear for you to read the connection information including download speed, connection type, and signal and strength. If this information isn’t shown, then you aren’t connected to the internet.

  4. If Roku is connected to the internet but still has connectivity issues. Scroll down to Check connection and press the OK button.

  5. Play something on your Roku to check if this problem is fixed. If not, try to reconnect your Roku to WiFi.

See if restarting your Roku can solve the problem

  1. Go to the home screen. Then press the right arrow on your remote and come down to Settings

  2. Access the Settings menu by pressing the right arrow, and then scroll down to System.

  3. Access the System menu by pressing the right arrow, and then, scroll down to System Restart.

  4. Pressing the right arrow will highlight Restart. Now, press the OK button.

Try it by resetting your modem and router

If those two ways, mentioned above, did not fix the problem, the issue could be with your network, modem or router.

Restart your WiFi modem and router to fix this connectivity issue.

Try moving Roku closer to modem and router

Maybe it is a weak signal that is causing the issue. Move your Roku device near your modem and router, or move your modem and router near to your Roku device. It may give a strong signal to Roku and solve the issue.

Plugging an Ethernet cable to Roku

Roku Streambar, Roku Express 4K and Roku Express 4K+ can all connect to via Ethernet. But one has to buy a separate Ethernet adaptor for them.

Roku streaming sticks do not support connection via Ethernet as they have been built for portability.

Contact Roku support

If these things won’t work, you can contact Roku support for further help with your issues. You can reach out Roku support by using an email address or online chat option.

For Roku helpline number, visit Roku Contact us page.

Final thoughts

We hope this guide will assist you in fixing your internet connectivity issues. If the issue still persists, browse more on the internet related to your problem or directly contact Roku customer care. Thanks for reading.


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