Roku Common Errors

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Roku Common Errors

Roku Device which has numerous variations of content that are streaming on it for your virtual pleasure.  The main unique selling proposition of Roku devices is, it is not expensive and easily available. The wonder device called Roku comes along with Roku Remote Control with exclusive features and sophisticated design. With so many unique attributes Roku device have, customers can sometimes have few errors on screen while browsing channels or application.

However, these errors can be fixed through normal troubleshooting steps that even a user can do without much of an effort. Following are discussed below.

Error Code-009

This error means that your Roku device is connected to router but have some internet issue. Try and check internet on other devices like mobile or computer. If internet on these devices is working, restart router through unplugging it and plugging it back. It is advisable to restart Roku device too through Settings on Home -System-System Restart.

Error Code- 012

This error is related to Ethernet, ensure that your ethernet cable is properly attached to Roku device and Router. Try replacing the old ethernet cable with new one and check. In case problem persist reboot Roku device and router. 

Error Code- 013

Again, this error is similar to error code -012 wherein troubleshooting is related to ethernet cable. Ethernet cable is available in local shops without any hassle. It is advised to replace ethernet cable and check for internet connectivity from the router to your television set as well as to other sources like mobile. Restart router and Roku devices in order establish internet connection back. If it doesn’t work feel free to call on Roku Customer Support Number- 844-539-9831, tollfree helpline number for Roku customers.

Error Code- 14

The error refers to issue with connecting with Wifi, check the name of the Wifi connection which is selected for your television, it should be precise and active with correct password to establish internet connectivity which can fix this error.

Error Code-14.10, 14.11, 14.30, 14.50, 14.62, 14.64

Simple troubleshooting steps for these errors are to restart Roku device as well as your router to rectify the fault.

Error Code- 14.20

Check the signal strength, it is believed that Router can be far from your Roku device which leads to this error. Arrange to relocate Router to improve signal strength. For best advice in the matter call Roku Customer Support Number.

Error Code- 14.40, 14.41

Check the Wifi name associated to Roku device and television for internet connection. Selecting the wrong Wireless network name can be a reason for this error. Check for the correct name and enter precise password which is case sensitive.

Error Code-016, 017

This occurs when customer tries to introduce a channel but internet connection has been lost. Select Set up connection to go to the network settings and follow instruction accordingly. If Wifi signals are too poor, arrange for boosting Wifi signal, tip is relocating Router.

Error Code- 018

Slow internet is the reason for this error code. Try to improve internet strength. 

To know various ways to resolve errors, please call Roku Customer Support Number.

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